We are committed to giving friendly, personalized service and attention to detail to every customer. From concept to reality, partnering with El Dorado will give you the assurance needed that your project will be a success.


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El Dorado is an innovative, fast track company that has established itself as a leading supplier of radiation shielding products. We’re built on the sound principal of achieving customer satisfaction by providing outstanding radiation shielding products and service at a great value, every time.

Our management team consists of experts at the top of their fields in the design, construction and installation of radiation shielding & lead shielding products. 

We work closely with:




Equipment Manufacturers

Facility Managers/Owners


Bromine Containers

El Dorado is a global leader in the design and manufacture of Bromine Shipping Containers, UN Portable Tanks, and Storage Tanks. We have manufactured over 400 shipping containers worldwide, varying in capacity from 6000 Liter to 8000 Liter. Additionally, we perform maintenance on these containers globally for all our customers. We are the only manufacturer of shipping containers in North America, and have manufactured these containers for all of the Global Leaders of Bromine Production.


El Dorado is a leader in the fabrication and installation of lead linings and replacement parts for Gas Cleaning Systems globally. While many new designs have been developed in recent years, Lead has proven to be the most consistent, reliable, and longest lasting material of construction for these processes.

El Dorado is available for maintenance on annual plant outages and for unexpected repairs. We have performed projects for an international client base and look forward to being of assistance to you.

These systems have been engineered and designed by:

Belco Technologies

Hugo Peterson

Joy Western


Research Cottrell and numerous others

These systems include but are not limited to:

Wet Acid Mist Precipitators

Humidifying Towers

Quench Towers


Star Coolers

Surface Finishing

El Dorado offers a full line of tanks & lead linings, and lead related products for the surface finishing industries.

Our quality assurance program verifies fabrication is always performed to meet specific customer requirements. Also, we offer on-site maintenance for annual outages and emergency service for repairs on said products.

These systems have been engineered and designed by:


Household Appliances and Fixtures




Tools & Dies



El Dorado fabricates modular and permanent enclosures and their respective door systems, as well as additional radiation shielding products for the research industry. Our enclosures consist of steel/lead/steel panels prefabricated for field installation by our personnel. All systems are fabricated per customers’ specifications, and per our quality control procedures.