Gas Cleaning Products




Wet Electrostatic Precipitators remove acid mists, metals, particulate, and dusts that are present in process gas streams. These cleaning systems vary in design, size, and production capabilities. We have experience fabricating and installing the following designs: Joy, Western, Lurgi, Belco, Hugo Peterson, Cottrell, etc.

Since the precipitators invention in 1907, Lead has been the preferred and optimal material of construction for them. Our personnel can mobilize globally for emergency on-site repairs, or complete rebuilds of existing units. Construction and repair can include structural support, vessels, internal components or any part thereof.

Linings & Coatings

Homogeneous Bonding

A homogeneously bonded lead lining is a metallurgically joined laminate of lead and another metal, usually steel. Combining the strength of steel with the excellent corrosion resistance of lead, this type of vessel will withstand rapidly fluctuating temperatures, high pressures, thermal shock, vibration and physical shock, and will perform well in vacuum service.


Brick/Lead vessels have an outer shell of steel or concrete, a lead lining, and courses of chemical-resistant masonry set with a suitable cement. The masonry in Brick/Lead vessels protects the lead lining from high temperatures, rapid temperature fluctuations, erosion and mechanical abuse. It also eliminates a large portion of heat losses and provides enough support for the lining to allow good performance in vacuum service. The lead acts as an impermeable, corrosion-resistant membrane to contain the chemicals that seep through the porous masonry.

Panel Bond System

The El Dorado Panel Bond System was developed with maintenance and the corrosive resistant properties of lead in mind. Our Panel Bonded Lead liner is installed in such a fashion so that at least one vertical edge is homogeneously bonded to steel shell, the first panel bonded on both edges, the following ones bonded on one side, the other lead burnt to previously bonded panel. This insures that each panel is isolated from the others, allowing for ease of maintenance in life of lining.

Types of Equipment that employ these types of linings includes but is not limited to:

Acid Cutting/Mixing Tanks



Acid Stills

Humidifying Towers



Quench Towers

Star Coolers

Replacement Parts

El Dorado can manufacture replacement parts for your existing equipment per customers specifications and per El Dorado Quality Control Standards. Parts can be fabricated and shipped for installation prior to your next scheduled outage / turnaround. These parts can include but is not limited to:

These parts can include but is not limited to:

Duct Work

Electrodes (Rigid & Wire)

Electrode Grids (Upper & Lower)

Insulator Compartments

Lead Spool Pieces

Lead Suspension Weights

Lead Tubes

Support Hanger Assemblies

Vortex Breakers